Vero Pro Astana Bibshort
  • Vero Pro Astana Bibshort

Vero Pro Astana Bibshort

4.735 ден.
Производител: Giordana
Шифра на производ: Vero Pro Astana Bibshort
Достапност (кол. на залиха): 1

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The Vero pro short sleeve jersey features an Italian made microfiber fabric which has a unique dual interior and exterior construction. This fabric is a triple threat combating UV rays and odor as well as managing moisture

The Vero Pro Bib Short is constructed of a high-quality time-tested microfiber fabric with a focus on comfort and quality to provide maximum value. The four-centimeter elastic leg cuffs are made with a soft and smooth Lycra and hold the bib in place without squeezing or restricting the muscles.

The straps are wide, soft and stretchable microfiber that incorporate a micromesh fabric for breathability at the back of the bibs. The shorts are finished off with a reflective tab on the back of the left leg for visibility.

The Vero Pro Bib Short receives Giordana's Cirro chamois with Aloe Vera infusion.

  • Official pro team cycling bib shorts.
  • Hand tailored by Girodana in Italy.
  • Amazing materials, design and workmanship.
  • Ventilated white mesh braces keep your shorts in position.
  • CIrro chamois gives you more pad where you need it and cut away reliefs where you don ?? t.
  • Comfortable silicone dot leg grippers keep secure the legs.
  • Pro team design and logos ready to match your set.

Girodana Cirro Pad

The Cirro OF pad benefits from decades of testing and development, specifically to fit within Giordana bibs and shorts. The 3-layer pad features variable thickness and is 14mm at its maximum. The uppermost layer utilizes a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera that is permanently infused into the threads during the manufacturing process so the benefits do not dissipate over time. The integrated Aloe cools, protects, naturally defends against bacteria, and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. Below this uppermost layer is a 4mm thick expanded memory foam with a waffled texture that aids in ventilation and perspiration management by moving moisture to the outside of the short where it can evaporate rapidly.

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